Fiber U Basic Skillss -  Workbook

Fiber Optic Basic Skills Workbook

This workbook is intended to be a reference for the technician using the Fiber U Basic Skills Lab self-study course to help them learn the skills needed for fiber optic cable preparation, splicing, termination and testing. Each section is linked to the Fiber U Basic Skills Lab topics. Most have  VHO (Virtual Hands-On) tutorials that cover the processes in more detail and many have videos on the FOA YouTube channel.

The Basic Skills Workbook gives you directions for using the fiber optic tools techs use for installing fiber optic cable plants. It is well illustrated to help the reader understand the tools, techniques and components involved in basic fiber optic installation processes.

Fiber U Basic Skills Lab Workbook

Both the Workbook sections and the VHO tutorials are PDFs so you can download or print them for use in your lab exercises. YouTube videos may be streamed on any device.

Workbook Section (PDF)
VHO Tutorial (PDF)
Video (YouTube)
Lesson 1: Introduction
Safety in Working With Fiber Optics
Lesson 2: Fiber Optic Tools and Equipment Tools
Fiber Optic Stripping Tools

Lesson 3: Fiber Optic Cables Cable And Fiber Preparation Cable Preparation Introduction
Loose Tube
Lesson 4: Fiber Optic Splicing Splicing Mechanical
Fusion Splicing
Mechanical Splicing
Lesson 5: Fiber Optic Termination Termination Epoxy/Polish
Hot Melt  
Pre-Polished Splice& SOC  Singlemode
Cable Prep
Stripping Fiber
Connector Attachment
Distribution cable (900 micron buffer)
Connector Polishing Technique

Corning Unicam
Panduit Opticam
Lesson 6: Fiber Optic Testing Testing Insertion Loss
Insertion Loss Testing
Using an OTDR

Additional Reference Materials

You can take this Fiber U Online course using online or sometimes printed reference materials.
FOA YouTube Videos   FOA has over 100 YouTube Videos that cover many topics including the hands-on processes covered in this self-study program.
All lesson plans include FOA YouTube video lectures on the topic.

YT splicing

FOA Online Reference Guide to Fiber Optics
  Besides the 1,000 or so pages of technical information, you will find many of the FOA VHO  "Virtual Hands On" Tutorials that take a "step-by-step" approach to the hands-on processes covered in this self-study program. They are a good way to teach yourself the processes here - watch the video for the overview then follow the steps in the VHO tutorials.


All lesson plans include links to the FOA Guide pages on relevant topics.

Most lesson plans will also reference FOA printed textbooks.

FOA textbooks

Fiber U Basic Skills Lab Lesson Plan:

Read the materials linked on each lesson plan before going to the next lesson.

Lesson 1: Introduction, Safety in Working With Fiber Optics
Lesson 2Fiber Optic Tools and Equipment    
Lesson 3Fiber Optic Cables 
Lesson 4Fiber Optic Splicing
Lesson 5: Fiber Optic Termination
Lesson 6Fiber Optic Testing

This information is provided by The Fiber Optic Association, Inc. as a benefit to those interested in teaching, designing, manufacturing, selling, installing or using fiber optic communications systems or networks. It is intended to be used as an overview and/or basic guidelines and in no way should be considered to be complete or comprehensive. These guidelines are strictly the opinion of the FOA and the reader is expected to use them as a basis for learning, as a reference and for creating their own documentation, project specifications, etc. Those working with fiber optics in the classroom, laboratory or field should follow all safety rules carefully. The FOA assumes no liability for the use of any of this material.


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