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Lesson 5. Fiber Optics  Level: Technician

Objectives: From this lesson you should learn:
How fiber optics is used in premises cabling
The types of fiber and cable
Terminating fiber optic cables
Testing fiber optic cables

The Role of Fiber Optics In Premises Networks

While UTP copper has dominated premises cabling, fiber optics has become increasingly popular as computer network speeds have risen to the gigabit range and above.  Most large corporate or industrial networks use fiber optics for the LAN backbone cabling. Some have  also adopted fiber to the desktop using a centralized fiber architecture which can be quite cost effective. Security systems use fiber extensively. Wireless antennas are routinely connected with fiber. Even fiber to the home architectures are being used in premises networks.
In this lesson, you will learn why fiber optics offers advantages in premises cabling and where it is used.

Student Assignment:
Watch the videos, read the references and take the quizzes (Test Your Comprehension)

FOA YouTube Videos
Premises Cabling Lecture 9: Fiber Optics 
For an extensive library of fiber optic videos, go to the FOA YouTube channel.

Online FOA Reference:
Fiber Optics In Premises Cabling     
Fiber or Copper?  
Fiber Optic ComponentsTermination, Testing

Book Chapter:
            FOA Reference Guide to Premises Cabling, Chapter 5

Basic Skills Lab
Fiber Optic Basic Skills Labs
Learn Fiber Optic Installation Skills

Test Your Knowledge:

Online Quiz

Extra Credit Reading
Fiber for Wireless  
Read more on fiber optic components, design, installation and testing
See the breadth of standards for fiber optic components and systems  
Read about fiber optics from the viewpoint of the network user  

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