Fiber U 

Communications Networks And Applications

Objectives: From this lesson you should learn:
How computer networks use cabling for connections
Types of cabling used in networks
The use of unshielded twisted pair copper and optical fiber cabling
The choice between copper, fiber and wireless connections
Other applications of cabling

Computer LANs (local area networks) are the biggest application for premises cabling, but data centers, storage networks, security systems including CCTV, building controls, industrial controls, residential networks - almost any network today has been designed to use standardized premises cabling. This lesson will talk about these applications and the options between copper, fiber and wireless.

Student Assignment:
Watch the video, read the references and take the quizzes (Test Your Comprehension)

Online FOA Reference:
Networks on Premises Cabling      
Power Over Ethernet

Book Chapter:

            FOA Reference Guide to Premises Cabling, Chapter 3

FOA YouTube Video
Premises Cabling Lecture 2: Applications 

Test Your Knowledge:
Online Quiz

Extra Credit Reading
LAN Architectures  

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