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Fiber Optics For Wireless Networks

Lesson 1: Fiber For Wireless Introduction
Level: Intermediate

Fiber For Wireless - Introduction

Objectives: From this self-study program you should learn:

  • How wireless networks are growing and require more backbone capacity
  • How cellular systems architectures are evolving to use more fiber optics to and up the cell tower
  • How small cells are becoming the urban solution for wireless
  • How distributed antenna systems are used in large public facilities
  • How WiFi is used with premises cabling in enterprise LANs, urban and rural areas
  • What are the alternative technologies to cellular and WiFi wireless

Fiber For Wireless


    Today's users of mobile devices depend on wireless connections for their voice, data and even video communications. Even homes and businesses may depend on wireless, especially those who are not in urban or suburban areas served by FTTH (fiber to the home) or FTTC (fiber to the curb.) Some of us in the business now use the term FTTW for fiber to wireless, since wireless depends on fiber for the communications backbone and increasingly the connection to the wireless antennas, no matter what kinds of wireless we use.
    Wireless is not entirely wireless. The easiest way to understand wireless is to think of it as a link that replaces the cable that used to connect your phone to the phone system or the patchcord that connected your computer to the Internet. To understand wireless, it is necessary to look at several different and unique types of wireless systems, including cellular wireless phones, wireless in premises cabling, municipal or private wireless links and even some of the short distance links used for computer peripheral connections.
    This lesson will give you an overview of cellular and WiFi networks and some of their applications.

You will be instructed to read the references or watch videos and take the quiz (Test Your Knowledge) to complete the "classroom" part of the course.

Get Started: Read The Online FOA Reference
FOA Reference Guide, Fiber For Wireless  

Test Your Knowledge - Fiber For Wireless-Introduction - Quiz

Lesson Plans
Read the materials or watch the videos linked on each lesson plan and take the quiz.

Lesson 1: Overview - How Wireless Networks Use Fiber Optics
Lesson 2: Fiber To The Cell Site And
Fiber To The Antenna
Lesson 3: Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
Lesson 4: Small Cells
Lesson 5: WiFi - Enterprise, Urban and Rural


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