Fiber U Self-Study

 FOA CFOT Certification Renewal Update Online Course

This online self-study program, the FOA Certification Renewal Update, will allow  FOA certified technicians due for renewal to meet the renewal requirement for continuing education.

NOTE: This renewal course is available only to FOA CFOTs whose certifications are due to expire or have expired within the 3-year renewal grace period. If your certification expired more than 3 years ago, you must contact the FOA for directions on renewing your certification.

This self-study program consists of three parts:
  1. A review of fiber optic jargon and technology
  2. A update on new fiber optic technology
  3. An online exam on the material you study

Fiber U certificate

After you complete the FOA Certification Renewal online self-study course, you must take an online exam and, when you pass the exam with a score of 70 or higher, get a "Certificate of Completion" for this renewal course that indicates you have completed the continuing education requirements for FOA Certification renewal. You should complete the two lessons including taking the quizzes at the end of each to ensure you have learned the material. When you believe you are prepared for the renewal exam, you can take the online exam which will give you a "Certificate of Completion" for this course and also pay for the renewal of your certification.

  • You will need your FOA Certification number and expiration date (MM/YY) to take the Renewal Exam.


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Lesson Plans:
Read the materials linked on each lesson plan and take the quiz ("Test Your Comprehension" quiz at the end. Each quiz will grade your answers and give you the correct answers with explanations.)

Lesson 1: Fiber Optic Jargon - The Language of Fiber Optics    

This is a simple refresher course covering the basics of fiber optics through its jargon. Read this online page "The  Fiber Optic Jargon-Illustrated" and when you are finished, take this quiz and test your comprehension.

Lesson 2: Fiber Optic Technology Update  

Over the last year or so, the FOA Newsletter has covered items of technical interest including new applications and components as well as technical topics that every tech should understand. Read the online "Fiber Optic Update" and when you are finished take this online quiz and test your comprehension.

Get Your Certificate of Completion For This Course And Pay For Renewal

When you have completed the two lessons and taken the quizzes and feel you are prepared for the
FOA Certification Renewal Exam, go here to take the exam. When you take the exam, you will confirm your renewal status and pay your renewal fee online.

This information is provided by The Fiber Optic Association, Inc. as a benefit to those interested in teaching, designing, manufacturing, selling, installing or using fiber optic communications systems or networks. It is intended to be used as an overview and/or basic guidelines and in no way should be considered to be complete or comprehensive. These guidelines are strictly the opinion of the FOA and the reader is expected to use them as a basis for learning, as a reference and for creating their own documentation, project specifications, etc. Those working with fiber optics in the classroom, laboratory or field should follow all safety rules carefully. The FOA assumes no liability for the use of any of this material.


Table of Contents: The FOA Reference Guide To Fiber Optics

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