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Outside Plant Fiber Optic Construction

Lesson 6: 
Take the Certificate of Completion Exam and then continue to study fiber optic OSP installation with another free Fiber U course.

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Get a "Certificate of Completion" When You Complete This Course
After you complete the Fiber U Basic Fiber Optics online self-study course, you can now take an online exam and, when you pass the exam, get a "Certificate of Completion" for this course. You should complete all lessons including taking the quiz ("Test Your Comprehension") at the end of every lesson. When you think you are prepared, you can take an online exam for a nominal fee ($20) which will give you
a "Certificate of Completion" for this course.

Read more about the Fiber U Certificate of Completion program including detail directions on taking the exam.

Go here to take the Fiber U OSP Construction Certificate of Completion Exam  

Please note: receiving this Fiber U Certificate of Completion does not include FOA certification or membership but it does become documentation of your knowledge of fiber optics and should be part of your portfolio of documented knowledge, other training and work experience that can qualify you to apply for FOA direct CFOT certification through the FOA "Work to Cert" program.

For more information on the FOA and its certification programs, go to the FOA page on certification.

For information on the FOA "Work to Cert" direct certification program for those with industry experience, go here.

Continue Your Study: Completing the OSP Cable Plant Installation


Objectives: From this online new course you should learn:
What happens after the fiber optic cable is installed - splicing, termination and testing

At this point the fiber optic cable should be installed and is ready to be spliced, terminated, tested and connected to the communications systems. The FOA has complete technical information and courses on those next steps.

You can take a FREE online course, the Fiber U OSP Course.

If you prefer to read the material yourself online or in a printed book,  go next to The FOA Online Guide to Outside Plant Fiber Optics which will cover the remaining installation topics. You can read the material online or use the printed  FOA Reference Guide to Outside Plant Fiber Optics.

If you are interested in Fiber Optic Network Design, there is a Fiber U Course on
Fiber Optic Network Design and an FOA printed textbook, The FOA Reference Guide To Fiber Optic Network Design.

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