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Outside Plant Fiber Optics

Lesson 4:
Underground Cable Installation

OSP Construction
Objectives: From this lesson you should learn:
How fiber optic cable is installed underground
How to test the cable before installation
How to pull cable in conduit
How to install air-blown fiber
How to figure-8 cable on long pulls

 Once the construction is ready, the fiber optic cable is pulled or blown into the buried ducts. This section discusses how the cable should be inspected and tested before installation to ensure that it is undamaged and to get a baseline for testing after installation. Procedures for pulling cable in conduit or blowing cable are covered in detail.

Student Assignment:
Read the references and take the quiz (Test Your Comprehension)

Online FOA Reference:

FOA OSP Construction Guide:
Underground Cable Installation

Book:  FOA Reference Guide to Outside Plant Fiber Optic Construction, Pages 47-53, 27-34

Test Your Knowledge:
Online Quiz

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