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Outside Plant Fiber Optics

Lesson 3:
Underground Cable Construction

OSP Construction

Objectives: From this lesson you should learn:
The types of underground construction - conduit, direct buried, microtrenching and directional boring
Why "Dig Once" and "Call Before You Dig" Are Important
Techniques for trenching and burying conduit, direct burial of cable,
microtrenching and directional boring
Special installation issues like bridge crossings, working near other utilities, etc.
Installation of manholes and handholes

Underground construction is one of the most important processes in fiber optic cable plant construction. This section will cover the basics of these processes and cover the requirements and the details the construction manager and workers need to know. In particular, the "best practices" are covered in detail for all the processes.

Student Assignment:

Online FOA Reference: Underground Cable Construction 

  FOA Reference Guide to Outside Plant Fiber Optic Construction, Pages 14 - 27

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