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Lesson 10: OSP Fiber Optic Installation

How are fiber optic networks installed?
Objectives: From this lesson you should learn:
What is involved in an OSP fiber optic installation
The role of the contractor and installer
How to prepare for the installation
What is involved in the installation process
How to verify the quality of the installation
Safety for fiber optic installations

Your final lesson covers OSP fiber optic construction and installation. After the process of designing fiber optic networks is completed, the next step is to build and install the cable plant. What do we mean by the “installation process?” Assuming the design is completed, we’re looking at the process of construction then physically installing, splicing and terminating cables, installing all hardware  and completing the network, turning the design into an operating system.

This is a more complex process than it may seem at first. This lesson covers preparing for the installation, requirements for training and safety and then the actual construction and installation process. We also add in the construction phase, preparing for the cable installation and actually installing aerial, underground or buried cables.

Student Assignment:
Watch the video, read the references and take the quizzes (Test Your Comprehension)

FOA YouTube Videos
FOA Lecture 2: Safety When Working With Fiber Optics  (Repeat from lesson 1)
FOA Lecture 8: Fiber Optic Installation  
FOA Lecture 33: Cabling Project Management  
FOA Lecture 39: Maintaining Fiber Optic Networks 

Online FOA Reference:
Fiber Optic Installation  
Planning the Installation
Installing Cable - General Guidelines
Safety Rules for Fiber Optic Installation 
Digging Safely  

FOA Tech Bulletin: Installing Fiber Optic Cable Plants (PDF 0.2 MB)  

OSP Cable Construction.
Laying, Placing or Pulling  OSP Cable-Overview  
Underground Cable Construction.
Underground Cable Installation.
Aerial Cable Installation.

Special methods
How To "Figure 8" Cable For Intermediate Pulls 
Air-Blown Fiber
Prefab Cabling Systems  
Aerial FTTH drops
OPGW (Optical power ground wire) Preparation  

Book Chapter:
            FOA Reference Guide to Outside Plant Fiber Optics, Chapter 10

Test Your Knowledge:
Online Quiz
Take the Quiz at the end of Chapter 7 and check your answers  

Extra Credit Reading
Getting Training
Installation Checklist - step by step installation planning

The Role of the Contractor
Tools and Equipment
Cleaning Fiber Optic Connections
Receiving cable and components onsite
Installing a Swivel Pulling Eye on Cable
How To "Figure 8" Cable For Intermediate Pulls

Premises Site Preparation

Patchcords – selection, testing, management 

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