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Fiber Optic Network Design And Management

Lesson Plan No. 5: Requirements For Testing


Objectives: From this self-study lesson you should learn:
  • How to determine what should be tested and documented for the cable plant
  • Determining how the field tests should be performed and what measurement results should be expected.

As we learned in Lesson 4, calculating a loss budget is done to ensure the communications equipment will operate over the link and provide loss values that can be used for comparison to test results after installation to confirm proper installation. Loss is the primary test for every fiber in every cable, as it confirms proper installation. But it is important to ensure the fibers are connected properly (transmitter to receiver) for the link to operate properly and that requires continuity/polarity testing. It is also important to check connections to make absolutely certain that they are clean, as dirt is the biggest problem encountered in most transmission problems. This lesson will focus on the testing requirements and how to choose tests that are appropriate for the cable plant being tested.

Student Assignment
Watch the video, read the references and take the quizzes (Test Your Knowledge)

YouTube Videos
FOA Lecture 12: Fiber Optic Testing Overview

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Online FOA Reference
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Fiber Optic Testing  

or the same sections in:
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Fiber Optic Testing

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Read the appropriate sections in the FOA Online Reference Guide Section on Testing for review

Book Chapter

FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Network Design, Chapter 10

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Optional: Also Take the Quiz at the end of Chapter 8/Testing Section and check your answers  

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