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Premises Cabling Skills Lab - Copper Cabling

Lesson 1: Coax Cable

Objectives: From this lesson you should learn:
How to identify coax cables
How to prepare cables for pulling
How to prepare cables for  termination
How to terminate coax cable

Tools And Components Needed
Cable cutting and jacket stripping tools
Coax crimper
Samples of cable and connectors


It is impossible to work in premises cabling without having a good working knowledge about cables and skills in pulling, placing and preparing cables for termination. In this lesson, we will identify and examine coax cables, then prepare them for termination by stripping the cable to expose the cable structure. Finally we will use a typical coax connector fo
r termination.

coax cable
Typical coax cable construction

coax F-connector
F style connector on coax cable

Allow plenty of time to complete the exercises without interruption, although this lesson can be broken into segments for each cable type.

Please Note: This is not the usual online course - it is intended to guide you as you learn new skills - the "hands-on" skills needed to install optical fiber cable plants. It involves using tools and components in a realistic manner. Some of the processes here can be hazardous, like working with sharp scraps of optical fiber and chemicals.

In Lesson 1 you should have familiarized yourself with the safety procedures - follow them all the time. Do not work with fiber without eye protection and a proper work area that is easy to clean up.  Always wear safety glasses when doing any of these exercises and dispose of all scraps properly.

Background Review
This "skills" course assumes you have a basic knowledge of cabling. If you are new to premises cabling, you should first complete the "
Fiber U Premises Cabling" course before attempting the hands-on exercises here or review the FOA Guide section on cables.

Hands-On Lab Instructions

Download the Workbook section on Cables and the VHO tutorial on Cable Preparation. Watch the videos and/or read the references on the cable types you have available for practice. The
VHO  "Virtual Hands On" Tutorials take a "step-by-step" approach to the hands-on processes covered in this self-study program and the videos will show the processes in motion. They are both a good way to teach yourself the processes here - watch the video for the overview then follow the steps in the VHO web pages.

Workbook Section (PDF)
VHO Tutorial (PDF)
Videos (YouTube)
Lesson 1: Coax Cables Lab Manual For Copper Cabling (PDF) - Coax Wiring Section Coax Cable
Coax Cables

Hands-On Assignments:
After reading the workbook section and VHO tutorial
and watching the videos, complete these exercises.

strip coax
coax strip guide
Strip coax cable as shown in the Workbook and VHO in 3 steps.

F conn  crimp coax

Attach and crimp the F connector to the coax.

As you finish each section, fill in the worksheet at the end of the Workbook section. Your completed worksheets are the records of your having successfully completed the exercises.


Test Your Comprehension - Online Quiz  

Have you completed the Workbook worksheets that are the records of your having successfully completed the exercises?

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