Fiber U Self Study

Lesson # 2: Centralized Fiber LANs

Level: Technician

Centralized Fiber Optic LANs: Fiber to the Desktop (FTTD) and Fiber To The Office (FTTO)

Objectives: From this self-study lesson you should learn:
  • What is "centralized fiber"?
  • What are the differences between FTTD and FTTO?

Fiber optics has been included in structured cabling standards since the standards began, but first as backbone cabling because of fiber's higher bandwidth and longer distance capability. Later versions of the standards added an option for fiber to the desktop called "centralized fiber" without the traditional backbone/horizontal segments connected with a Ethernet switch in a wiring closet near the user. Fiber to the office, a later development, uses switches near a small group of users to share the extra bandwidth of the fiber among the users.

The course leads you to read online or printed materials (with an emphasis on the online using the FOA Guide), watch FOA YouTube Videos, complete some activities and take the quizzes. Each lesson plan will be self-contained. Lesson plans open in new pages so the course overview page stays open to lead you to the next lesson or you may use the link at the bottom of the page.

Read the references, watch the videos and take the quizzes (Test Your Knowledge)

Fiber Optics In Premises Cabling, LANs  
OLANs: Fiber to the Desk/Office 

FOA YouTube Videos on Premises Cabling, Lecture 9, Fiber Optics  
FOA YouTube Videos, Lecture 30, Optical LANs  (Repeat from Lesson 1)

Reference Textbook
FOA Reference Guide Premises Cabling (2014), Appendix B 

Extra Credit Reading
Assignments beyond the basics required for the course will be listed as extra credit.

Test Your Knowledge
Online Quiz

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Lesson Plan No. 3, Passive Optical LANs

Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plan No. 2, Centralized Fiber Networks  
Lesson Plan No. 3, Passive Optical LANs   
Lesson Plan No. 4, Installing OLAN Networks  
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Lesson Plan No. 6, OLAN Design, Case Study  

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